Friday, June 3, 2011


This place is paradise! Hanalei Bay is a surfing heaven and an SUP playground!
Long Beach is a great place to live don't get me wrong, especially if your keen on the cold and long wave droughts, but it doesn't hold a candle to Kauai's lush rainy tropical atmosphere.

We stayed a few days in Poipu which is on the South Side of the island. It is not as lush and rainy as the North Side and its not marked with nearly as many mountains but obviously beautiful on its on right.

The view from our hotel in Poipu

The Napali Coast!!

Topper, a local shaper originally from San Diego let me demo one of his custom 8'6 SUPs. The thing was ridiculous and got me into some fun peaky waves at Hanalei Bay. I ordered a custom 6 ft fish for the summer days back home!

Some Pics of a super foggy day at the bay, this was supposedly one of the last decent swells before the season ended this year, the outside main break was reeling and I wish I took some shots, it was super crowded and was breaking in 3 - 4 different spots leading to like 4 different lineups, waves non stop, all rights!

Here are snaps from one of the multiple inside beach breaks at the bay, like i said before this place is a surfing heaven there is a million different breaks and when there right swell there is something for every type and skill level of surfer!

I plan on re-visiting someday, hopefully multiple times, especially with the fact that there is now an annual 17 mile SUP race that stretches down the Na Pali Coast!

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