Saturday, February 19, 2011

Costa Rica

I was lucky to spend my Valentines Day down in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica this year. It just so happened to be the same time a big swell was filling in and a few days the waves were up to 10 foot plus. I linked up with a gentleman named Andrew who has a nice line of standups there, for a great price. I rented a 9'2 from him and had a great time!

Some snaps at dusk when it was smaller.

There really wasn't a bad vibe against SUP there, but because some of the days were pretty big and it was relatively crowded, I didn't SUP for long on the big days. One guy did paddle over to me and told me to go somewhere else. I was actually surprised when another surfer laughed at him for doing that and came to my defense saying that I really wasn't being disruptive to anybody out there.

Tortuga Island
Some of the locals hanging around.
On my last day there, I met up with Andrew and he took me to a nice little reef break, it was just me and him enjoying some nice chest high peelers! Besides spending Valentines Day with my sweetie pie in paradise, this session was one of the highlights of the trip for me!
Amazing Costa Sunsets!

If you are interested in renting an SUP and/or doing a tour in the Mal Pais/ Santa Teresa area I highly recommend contacting Andrew at, he has 17 years local knowledge and he's a great all around surfer.

One note is to use caution especially when SUP'ing in a crowded and foreign place. Even if you have the most confidence in yourself, other surfers can look at you like you are dangerous. I did a lot more prone surfing on this trip because of that. When your the only one on an SUP its impossible to blend in and you have to have extra proper etiquette. It can suck but prone surfing to me is just as enjoyable and I found myself just surfing more there.

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