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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Glide Screening in Rockaway

We are proud to sponsor this great event!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Thursday Sunset Paddle @ Paddy McGee's!

Come out for one of our Thursday "Supr Time" Sunset Paddles at Paddy McGee's.  This Thursday our good friends at The H20 Generation will be joining us for the paddle!

Every Thursday night@ 6:45pm an experience that is like walking on water, literally!
$50 for one hour lesson with certified SUP instructors (10 minutes on land)
After a breath taking sunset paddle along the coast of Reynold's channel, come back to Paddy Mcgee's for food and one (1) drink and music.
Bring your own SUP gear and take $10 off.

Supr Adventures 
6 Waterview Rd, Island Park NY, 11558 
Stand up paddle board (SUP) lessons, rentals and sales in New York

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rockstock and Barrels SUP Race and Demo was a huge success!

Yesterday turned out to be a great Day at The Rock Stock and Barrels Festival in Rockaway Beach.

The skies were clear, sun was shining, waters glassy but FLAT, leading to the cancelation of the ESA Surf Competition.  Fortunately for us this put the focus all on SUP the whole day, with two races and demos by Supr Adventures and our friends at The H20 Generation, much love to their crew and their support.  Tons of people of all different athletic ability grabbed boards and got their paddles wet.  Smiles all around.  Congratulations to Team Supr Riders Reid Zachofsky, Justin Brown, and David Lima for their performances in the races!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Supr Adventures added as a sponsor at Rockstock and Barrel SUP Race!

Be on the look out for our Demo and Rental tent at this event!

If you need a board for the 11' and under race, you can rent one from us.

The h2o generation Adds a SUP Race to NYC’s Rockstocks & Barrels Festival
Saturday, June 23rd 10am to 6pm, Rockaway Beach, NYC
Rockaway Beach, NY:  Boarders and St. James Clothing have partnered with the h2o generation to host a stand up paddle (sup) race in historic Rockaway Beach, NY on June 23rd. The h2o generation (h2o standups) will join an impressive list of sponsors including Nike and Red Bull. 
The sup race will commence at 10:00am with a Nike sponsored surf contest  and a Red Bull sponsored skate contest to follow. Sup’ers are invited to participate in a 7 mile (12’ board or longer) race or a 3 mile traditional SUP Board  (11’ and shorter) race in the Atlantic Ocean.  Bands will kick off at noon, playing until 6pm while festival goers try out the latest sups, skateboards and surfboards.  The h2o Generation will be giving sup lessons and demo’ing their classic line of boards and paddles. Bring the whole family out for a fun day at the beach packed with activities and demos.
To sign up for the sup race and to get hotel information visit: 

For more specific information please contact:
Cristina Costello

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Certified level 2 Paddlefit and WPA SUP Instructors

We had a great time during the level 2 Paddlefit course this past weekend in Wesport Ct.  We met so many great SUPers.  Thanks to Brody Welte for putting together a phenominal course, we learned a lot and can't wait to pass it along to our customers!   

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beautiful end to a rainy May

My 30th birthday cake! 

Fun last day of may!

Supr Adventures, SUP lessons, rentals and sales in Long Island New York - p.516.972.5259 -

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Standing On Water

It was a crisp Spring day I had taken a day off from work so I could finally enjoy one of the first beautiful days of the year, and I decided to take a ride down to Long Beach, so I could sit on the water, take in sun, and enjoy my precious freedom. After 25 minutes of mid-day traffic and hunting for a parking spot, I found myself feet in the sand, sunglasses on, and the Atlantic Ocean glistening in front of me.
I probably stood without moving for 10 minutes, and the beach always seemed to make time disappear. I love that tickle in between my toes of sand slipping through and the crashing of the waves has a hypnotizing effect on my brain. I finally broke the spell and began to move down the beach, looking for my plopping spot where I’d sit for the next few hours or so.
And that’s when I saw something that baked my brain. There was a man standing on the water. Standing! He wasn’t crouched down, riding a wave in to the beach. He was barely moving, and as I focused in on him, I noticed he had a long paddle in his hands. I couldn’t help but stare.

He moved at his own pace, and bobbed up and down as the waves came and went. Eventually, he turned himself onto a wave and took off, crouching into the typical surfer position, but dragging the paddle behind him, like a rudder. I watched his entire ride. It was like seeing someone drive a car for the first time.
As he approached the shore, he turned out of the wave, and paddled back out to the ocean – never once getting off the board. Surfers always bail at some point and have to make their way back – not this guy. He just went back out and again stood there, seeing the waves coming from all directions, knowing what he wanted to surf before it got close to him.  I sat there for an hour, watching this guy. I finally got up and made my way home, and the first thing I did was Google “Man surfing on board with paddle.” It returned back “Stand Up Paddle Surfing.” A new door in my life was opened.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing (SUP) is the newest craze on the water. It combines the agility and balance of surfing with the control and propulsion of a kayak.  It allows people to continuously surf without having to let each wave end the run. Surfers have converted because of the versatility of the new sport. Stand up paddle boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets.
It was re-introduced to modern culture by Laird Hamilton, a surfing innovator and legend in the sport.  By being able to stand on the water, SUP surfers can control their environment more, providing for a more enjoyable experience.
On a paddle board, you can just go somewhere the surfers can’t, or won’t, go. Anywhere there is water, someone can get on a board and paddle. You can paddle out into the bays, rivers, or the ocean.
SUP allows you to go anywhere you want.

-Michael Heiss