Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold December day on the 16ft Adventure!

We tried out the imagine surf's 16ft Adventure today.

The ocean conditions this past weekend on most surf reports in the Long Beach area was something along the lines of poor, small to flat or just nonexistent. For us, it was a perfect time to take advantage of these conditions to cruise the coastline and explore. We decided to paddle east towards Pt. Lookout and on the way we caught some really fun calf high waves. In some spots they were coming in deep enough where you could pick them up early with the 16 footer and have fun challenging yourself to control such a big board.

It was very fun trying to surf this thing on some small ocean rollers. Nobody was out prone because it was way to small to catch anything on a regular surfboard. I'm so glad we went out because we caught a beautiful day and an amazing sunset paddle session!

The board cruises very nicely through the water. Although we had a great time surfing it, this type of board really excels in calm flat waters for touring purposes. Its perfect for exploring. With 3 storage hatches it would work amazing for fishing trips or long expeditions. They will be available to use for rentals and eco tours! email us for details or to reserve them

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