Friday, October 7, 2011

50% off SUP Lessons in Fall/Winter

If you have wetsuit gear (wetsuit,booties and gloves) you qualify for 50% off SUP lessons all winter long!

Our top 10 reasons why we love Stand up paddle boarding in the winter.

10. SUP YEAR ROUND - With some decent cold water gear, you can turn SUPing from seasonal to a year round activity!

9. - BRAGGING RIGHTS - Your friends will think your crazy, but you can tell them your just hardcore!

8. - DIFFERENT ATMOSPHERE - Wetsuit technology is so good nowadays that you don't need to hibernate for the winter you can now embrace and enjoy it!

7. - SKILL - Since you don't have to pack it in for the season, you progress faster SUPing year round!

6. - WARMTH - Since SUP allows one to gracefully glide across the surface of the water, you don't spend much time submerged, meaning you can wear a thinner wetsuit in the winter!

5. - WAVES - North winds help create cleaner waves to surf!

4. - SEALS - Its not uncommon to spot these amazing animals in the colder months right here on Long Island!

3. - BEAUTY - Cold water kills off algae making Northeast waters cleaner and clearer!

2. -HEALTH - Studies show that working out in colder climates builds a stronger immune system!

and.... #1 - NO CROWDS!

Winter 2008

Thanks to Debbie for coming out and sharing the SUP stoke with SUPR Adventures!

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