Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thanks to our good friends Steph and Justin, we were able to take a last minute trip to Acapulco.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of negativity about traveling to Mexico. With all the drug related violence going on it is a valid concern. In fact, a week before leaving for this trip there was some news about a pretty gruesome episode that went down in Acapulco. Most of the people we spoke with who have knowledge of the area said the same thing "If you don't go looking for trouble you should be fine". Plus we made the decision to stay put in the beautiful Grand Mayan Resort which was guarded and seemed very safe.
2 OG Thugz chillin by the pool, watching the amazing Mexi sunset!
3-6 ft waves everyday
I brought my 10 ft ULI Steamroller with me, it was a good idea and though I wished I had something with more performance as the beach break was pretty heavy everyday, I still had fun and didn't pay a dime for airline fee's and had no worries about the board damaging.

Empty waves all to myself, the only other surfers where the lifeguards, they where very nice and even let me borrow their longboard. They seemed pretty stoked on the SUP and a few of them tried it out for themselves.

When we got back to NY we were greeted with 6 more inches of snow and something like 15 degree weather. I'm counting the days to Costa Rica!

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  1. Reid, I have been an owner of the Grand Mayan resort for about 8 years now.I originally ourchased the Mayan in Riviera, then upgraded to the grand Mayan after my first trip to Acapulco. I became friends with the lifeguards as well and they even took me down to the BonFil break in the morning. the waves are constant everyday until the wind kicks, but that is fine cause then its time for me to hang with my family and drink too!! My kids love it there and proof is I never seethem all day excpet for the designated times i tell them they have to check in. What more can you ask, Uncrowded, nice break( you should catch it when its not so heavy o the beach, Its SICK!), GREAT resort. You would never expect such a high class place with every amenity AND SURF TOO!!! Were you with Justin our mutual friend?? Anyway, if you ever want to grab a week of my share, let me know....I own a few weeks a year!