Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overhyped Igor?

Here are some semi-decent pics of the swell brought on by Hurricane Igor over the weekend. Nothing too special but I want to give props to my live in photographer and girlfriend Camy for taking some snaps.Tomorrow (Monday), is supposed to be the peak, I hoping I can get some time in the water and will be lucky to get some more pics.
(Trying to get some lift off the top)

These shots really do not do the swell any justice, there were some nice size sets coming in, the wind wasn't the greatest, maybe with some nice off shore winds, this swell could be a memorable one.

I'm happy to get some shots on the 8'6 Enigma, the board kicks ass I love it, turns awesome and catches waves well, I already want to go shorter but this will do for a while.

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